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East Ayrshire Council Budget 2013/14/15/16Posted On: 07/11/2012

The Council needs to save 34.1 million over the next four years, and it is important that resources and activity are focused on delivering essential services for individuals and communities. This means that activities which do not contribute to priorities and legal requirements will need to be examined closely to consider if the council can continue to deliver them in the future. It also means that the council will have to look at more efficient ways of delivering services in the future.

The Council currently employs 6,291 people. The people deliver important services and are a valuable asset. Spending reductions will undoubtedly result in a reduction in the workforce. The council has completed reviews of management structures in every service and annual savings of 2.3 million have already been achieved in management costs. The council intend to further examine management structures and arrangements, as services are reviewed and redesigned.

The Council will consider sharing services with other organisations when significant savings can be made. The council will work with neighbouring councils in a number of areas and have established shared services for the Social Work Out of Hours Service, the Ayrshire Tourism Team and have recently been working with North Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council on proposals to create an all Ayrshire Shared Roads Service.

The council are looking at how they can reduce the cost of services over the long term. Research suggests that, in some instances, earlier intervention by public agencies could result in less intensive involvement being required at a later stage. Where possible, services should prioritise and build in action which reduces demand and cost of services in the long run. The council also want to work more closely with communities to maximise skills and talents and empower them to become more involved in running local activities and facilities.

The council recognise that there are a range of council services which could be delivered effectively by voluntary, community or private sector organisations. Where services can be delivered safely, more cost effectively and efficiently by external organisations, there should be a presumption in favour of externalisation with full consideration being given to understanding and managing any risks associated with this approach.

There are seven sections to complete. Please consider each of the following statements and indicate how strongly you agree with each of them.

A consultation will take place in Dalmellington Area Centre Thursday 8 November from 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Questions marked * should be answered. Please click on the link below.


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