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Dalmellington History Group


The Group started about three years ago. We are all interested in researching our family trees and are able to help each other when we run into difficulties. It is fascinating and time consuming but always interesting. It can also be expensive!
One of our members is photographing and cataloguing the gravestones in the Cemetery and we hope to have that printed in booklet form. It will be invaluable for family research.

Malcolm Ross

We soon found that we also had a great interest in local history, particularly of Dalmellington and the Doon Valley.

Main Street

Dalmellington has a rich history dating back to earliest times, and we are fortunate that Doon Valley Museum has a vast store of photographs and data on which we can draw.

Train Station

We decided to produce a series of leaflets on events and their effect on Dalmellington and its people.
The first of these, an overall view,
“Discovering Dalmellington’s History”
is now completed and can be downloaded from the website.
Click DOWNLOADS on Menu Bar above.
Click on "Dalmellington History Group Leaflet"
Click "To Open" or "Save".

We recently did a photograph display for the Jubilee Celebration,
“Weekend of the Jubilee Years in Dalmellington”.
We hope to repeat this in a central location where it can be seen by more people. Watch this space!

Doon Cinema

We took part in a project for Bellsbank Women’s Project, recording women’s life stories to see how their traditional role had changed over the years, particularly with the coming of the factory and available work for women.
We have access to these recordings.

Our next project is to research the history of
Dalmellington Co-operative Society.
For well over one hundred years it has provided work in its shops, bake house, on the vans (previously horses and carts), offices as well as serving all the needs of the village with food, boots and shoes, clothing and hardware.
One side of High Main Street was practically all Dalmellington Co-operative shops. It had so much influence and impact on our community that it is represented in our “Coat Of Arms”.

We would like to hear from anyone who has memories, stories or photographs of the Co-operative.
For larger views of the thumbnails on this page, go to Image Gallery.

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