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Robert The Bruce

Robert Bruce King Of Scots was born in 1274 and so was only a few years younger than Sir William Wallace. He emerged as a real hero after The Wallace was executed by "Longshanks", fighting the English in his place. He adopted The Wallace`s guerilla strategy, winning back territory ... village by village, town by town ... until his final victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Contrary to what is shown in the plot of Braveheart, The Bruce prepared well for the battle at Bannockburn and deliberately drew the English army to him. He most definitely did not just decide to fight this battle on the spur of the moment.

The Dalmellington connection is that, more than six centuries ago, Loch Doon was the scene of one of the acts of history which led to the establishment of a completely independent Scotland under the said Robert The Bruce.

Sir Christopher Seton, brother-in-law and supporter of the great Scottish King, had kept an English military force at bay as it laid siege to the castle he held on an island in the loch. Loch Doon Castle fell due to the treachery of one of the defenders, a man called McNab, the castle was taken, Sir Christopher was captured and later executed at Dumfries. McNab was rewarded with the grant of a farm at MacNabstone, traces of which are still visible ... with a little imagination ... on the western shore of Loch Doon, north of Beoch Farm.

Robert The Bruce
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